My Favorite Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies


One of my favorite recipes is in fact not my own! I have spoken of this recipe in the almond flour biscuit post before but I really feel it needs special highlighting.  Because it’s not my recipe and it in fact needed no tweaking whatsoever I am not posting the recipe here.  Gourmet Girl Cooks is a particularly gifted low carb baker and it is because of her recipe for cookies and biscuits that I felt confident that we could raise the bar for low carb foods.  She certainly has with her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe


The only change I made with this recipe was to leave out the walnuts. I calculated the nutritional information for these (without walnuts).  When I use a cookie scoop I can get 24 cookies from one batch.  They come in at 90 calories a cookie and 1 net carb each! Yay!  She says you can lightly roll these for a more perfect cookie look.  I tried that this time.  It was very sticky but they easily rolled into balls with a light touch.  I got bigger cookies for a smaller batch so I think I’ll use the scoop from now on.  My son immediately ate 4 of these after baking! I might have to make a double batch next time.  I used sugar free hershey’s mini bars all chopped up for these (about 8 or 2 ounces) but you can also buy Hershey’s sugar free chips on Amazon.  I usually order them online but I ran out.  

I have spent most of the summer dealing with raccoons which is why I haven’t be able to post more often.  We finally got the news this week that they have been evicted from our building.   It was a mommy with 4 babies. I caught the little guys staring out from the balcony roof!  Baby raccoons are very cute but I am so relieved we don’t have to see their little tails anymore!  I am loving having our schedule wide open for summer but it leaves me very little time for photography and blogging! One more month and I’ll be able to cook like a crazy person every day again! I can’t wait.  


One last thing I want to mention is that you really want to use a quality almond flour for this! If you are using Bob’s Almond Flour please sift it first.  Check out my Ingredients page for pictures of sifted almond flour and you’ll see why I say this. I find even when it’s sifted I still can get a grainy texture to these cookies so I highly recommend JK Gourmet Almond Flour.  This the only recipe that has 2 cups of Almond Flour in it that I don’t hesitate to make because it’s worth every penny.  

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