Coconut Cookie Bars


This recipe is adapted from Ambitious Kitchen’s “The Best Coconut Flour Chocolate Chunk Bars.” I’m always like, “Oh really!? The best?” when I see a title like this.  I liked the looks of the recipe though and I knew I could sub just a few things to get it low carb.  So are they the best? We loved them!  They are so incredibly moist which if you’ve ever had a failure with coconut flour you KNOW is so important.  My very first coconut flour recipe was for pancakes and really you could have called them panbricks instead.  Coconut flour can be so very very dry.  


The more you cook from scratch the more you’ll realize you are really just making your “box” mix and then the added wet ingredients.  I always do my dry ingredients first and then I pretend like I bought that at the store!  I added all the wet ingredients together and whisked it all up with the eggs.  


The batter is very moist and it’s just enough to fill an 8×8 pan.  I usually would use parchment paper for this but I was out today.  I spray EVERYTHING that doesn’t use parchment paper with cooking spray.  I don’t trust any pan to release my precious baked goodies.  I just have trust issues I guess. 😉  So in ALL of my recipes spray spray spray if you don’t see parchment paper.  I’m going to try and update all of them so they state that.  


So Ambitious Kitchen’s cookie bars came out a lot darker than mine did.  I upped the temperature to 400 degrees for 17 mins and it’s still really light on the top.  The bottom’s got nicely browned though.  I’m wondering if that has more to do with using chocolate chunks and not chips.  I subbed heavy cream for the almond milk.  That’s not necessary but it was only 4 tbsp so I might as well do cream rather than almond milk.  If you want to cut more calories/carbs then by all means use almond milk.  I think the coconut flakes make these bars so delicious.  She says optional but really, it’s perfect with them.  I love that this recipe is all coconut flour.  It almost seems like I’m making it for free if it doesn’t have almond flour in it.  When coconut flour recipes are done right they are really phenomenal! 


Coconut Cookie Bars
Serves 16
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  1. 1/2 cup Coconut Flour (56 grams)
  2. 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes (37 grams)
  3. 1/2 tsp baking soda
  4. 1/4 tsp salt
  5. 1/4 cup oil (I used a light olive oil)
  6. 1/3 cup sugar free vanilla syrup
  7. 1/2 cup sugar equivalent
  8. 1 tsp vanilla
  9. 1/4 cup heavy cream
  10. 2 eggs
  11. 45 grams sugar free chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Combine Coconut flour, coconut flakes, baking soda and salt and whisk together.
  3. In a separate bowl combine sugar free vanilla syrup, sweetener (if using liquid, if not then add the granulated sweetener to your dry ingredients), vanilla, oil and eggs. Whisk together.
  4. Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and whisk together.
  5. Fold chocolate chips into the batter and spread out into an 8x8 greased pan (or line with parchment paper.)
  6. Bake 15-20 mins. I baked mine for 17 minutes.
  1. Let this cool for 10 minutes before trying to get out of the pan if you're not using parchment paper.
Adapted from Ambitious Kitchen
Adapted from Ambitious Kitchen
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  1. Christina says:

    Yes, they were moist and not dry like so many coconut flour recipes that I have failed with, but they did have a bit of an aftertaste, which is probably from so much of the vanilla syrup. But the syrup must be what kept them moist.

    • Elizabeth Nimphius says:

      I would maybe try a different brand syrup next time? I know that I don’t like the sugar free kind from Target so they aren’t all the same. If you want to though, her recipe has oil (edit: oops, honey not oil. So increase the sweetener to 1 cup sugar equivalent.) where I have the syrup and then you can just increase the vanilla to 2tsp instead of 1.

  2. Rosie says:

    Does that mean I would use 1/4 cup AND 1/3 cup oil plus 2 tsp vanilla? Would canola oil work? Thank you so much for your recipes! I was in tears afters of disastrous recipe fails and told my husband I just can’t do low carb without my sweet treat… I made your Minute Chocolate chip cookie and cried! You saved me! Please don’t stop sharing your gift for recipes with us! You have sucha talent! It would be a shame to miss out on it!

    • Elizabeth Nimphius says:

      I love that cookie too! Yes. 1/4 cup oil, canola is fine, and then 1/3 cup oil or even unsweetened almond milk needs to be added. Liquid of some kind there but not water. The original recipe has honey. Don’t forget to increase the sweetener as it won’t be there if you’re not using the sf syrup!

  3. Holly says:

    Loved these! So easy to make and they came out perfect! (and also loved that they were fairly inexpensive to make too without needing almond flour!)

  4. adrianmakes says:

    Sugar browns, which may explain why your result was pale compared to the original recipe. I got a clear example of this when testing some waffle recipes that called for small amounts of honey. Putting just a tablespoon of honey in gave me a much darker waffle than leaving the honey out.

  5. Madeleine says:

    What is the coconut flour / almond flour ratio, if you want to use coconut flour instead of almond flour in recipes?

    • Elizabeth Nimphius says:

      You can’t sub coconut flour directly in almond flour recipes I find. First, if you could it would A LOT less. Like cups to tablespoons. Secondly, coconut flour recipes need a lot of extra moisture. The entire recipe would have to be altered. Sorry!

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