Baking Bunnies


Hope everyone had a great week and, if you celebrate Easter, hope you’re ready for the holiday weekend!  It was a no school day today so I spent the majority of my time with my pumpkinhead.  I did want to update about the bunny pan I got from Walmart.  It works wonderfully in the oven and the microwave. (I used the regular chocolate chip recipe for the microwave bunnies.  I got five but probably should have made six because they got really thick! Still very delicious. Also only 45 seconds in my microwave–1200 watts.)




It has been a really long week, and an even longer month! So I treated myself to mini donut pans.  I will have recipes for the chocolate bunnies (still thinking of a name, my son wants to call them “Chocolate Baby Bunny Bites, I love you!” it’s a little catchy?) written up next week and I’m working on a coconut flour donut recipe inspired by Healy Eats Real .  I tried it today with the mini donut pan but assaulted them with my cinnamon sugar and they were inedible after that! I think I’m going to go a completely different direction with mini donuts next week when I try this again. 



It doesn’t look like too much truvia but when you bite into it that’s all you can taste and these are really delicious coconut flour donuts! I was so disappointed! I should have made them in the bunny pan!!! 😉 I look forward to writing up all the recipes next week! Stay healthy and safe everyone!

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